Careers at medac: Dedicated to making a difference

We are a strong community: with more than 2,000 employees worldwide, we are committed to improving human health. Our work is more than just a job. With a career at medac, you can make a real difference in the industry. Explore our job opportunities and become part of an exceptional workforce.
Careers at medac: Dedicated to making a difference

Raggiungi il tuo successo professionale in medac

Come azienda farmaceutica operante a livello internazionale, siamo un gruppo di professionisti provenienti da tutto il mondo. Ciò che ci unisce è la profonda motivazione a fare la differenza nell'assistenza ai nostri pazienti con i prodotti di alta qualità che sviluppiamo, promuoviamo e produciamo. I pazienti possono sempre contare sulla nostra presenza perché insieme perseguiamo lo stesso obiettivo.

What defines us: The medac experience

There are three key characteristics that set us apart as an employer and make a job at medac a truly rewarding work experience: a strong team spirit, the ambition to achieve more, and a unique team with exceptional skills that brings its professional expertise and passion to the table. Join our outstanding healthcare community and advance your career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Silná profesionálna komunita

V spoločnosti medac vytvárame prostredie založené na spolupráci a rešpekte, v ktorom môžu naši zamestnanci spolupracovať a rásť v dôvere. Spájaním ľudí a talentov v našej globálnej sieti a spájaním našich síl dosahujeme veľké veci.

Thriving for more

Everyone at medac is part of a committed and inspiring community. Driven by ambition and passion, we focus on empowerment, responsibility, and appreciation. We go the extra mile to achieve our goals and celebrate our joint successes.

Sharp-minded people

We owe our company’s success to the sharp-minded professionals we attract and connect. Every day, we work with the highest level of competence and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and continue to evolve towards our joint vision.

Le nostre persone

Entra a far parte di medac ed entra a far parte della nostra community

Tes­ti­mo­ni­al strong community”


Tes­ti­mo­ni­al Thrive for more”


Tes­ti­mo­ni­al Sharp minds”


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Explore our locations around the world and get in touch with us for your career opportunities at medac.


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